We Rocked the Percentiles

Today was a good day! Lennox had his 18 month check up and actually jumped up a few percentiles on his growth chart… so not only has he progressed – he kicked it up a few notches! And to make me even happier… the doc isn’t worried about Lennox’s lack of speech either. He’s comprehending just fine and the doc assures me anyday now the words will just start flowin like agua 🙂

We had our first day without TV… well ok, less TV. It went really well. Lennox and I played more and he seemed less bored. He even spent more time playing on his own- in his room (which he rarely does). I’m hoping that less TV will help with his speech. Maybe if he spends more time with his brain engaged instead of occupied he’ll just amaze us with rapid learning speed!

I’ve been friggin Betty Crocker these days… Over the weekend I made egg salad, potato salad, and pancakes. Then today I made bread from scratch (even though we have a bread maker). It’s crazy growing up in the time of convenience food… who would of thought it was possible to make pancakes with out pancake mix- and it was easy to! How quickly we forget where things come from… like egg salad. I love egg salad but never thought to make it – it just seemed to hard. Well guess what – It’s not! I’ve also been trying to figure out the right recipe for the bread maker. Why does hand made bread taste so much better? So that’s why I tried my hand at making it from scratch and it’s gotta be something in the kneading because the ingredients are the same but the taste is very different. Hmmpp… who knows… maybe I’ll never know.

Summer’s coming… it stayed light a whole hour later today!

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Me time :)

I had ME time today! I actually went some where by myself for about an hour. It was great…granted I went to check out the public library and ended up checking out toddler activity and development books. So even during my non mommy time I did mommy things. But at least I got out alone. It’s hard for me ( I’m sure there are some moms who understand what I mean) I know that I need the me time, away from Lennox and Evan, but when I do get away all I think about is them and it’s hard to stay away. Most of the time I can’t think of anything to do by myself…everything that comes to mind would be fun to do with Evan and Lennox. It’s like they are my best friends and life is more fun with them around.

So I’ve been working on 2 issues with Lennox these days. The first is more activities for he and I to do during the day. He seems bored and I’m not sure what to do with him. He’s not so into coloring or really playing with me for any length of time – but he stills wants my attention. Like I should just sit and stare at him while he plays…which is what I do at the moment. I guess it’s just a stage he’s going through. I would love to find ways to interact with him and help him learn new things….language being big on that list! And here’s the second issue…Lennox will be 18 months in a few days and says very few words. He says mama, daaadee, agua, bye bye and then da for duck and dog and ba for ball. He said cheese, and bad dog once. Mostly he grunts and babbles. He has his 18 month check up on Monday and I know his pediatrician is going to say he needs to be saying more words and freak me out with things that could be wrong. I don’t feel like anything is wrong….he understands everything and communicates just fine. I’m not sure what else to do…I mean maybe we watch to much TV (which is changing) and maybe I should with hold things till he says what they are (which I’ve tried and he just gets upset) Maybe there isn’t anything I can do because nothing is wrong. Being a mom is hard!

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CSI rocks my socks

I started this journal in the hopes that it would revive my love of writing…and I would come up with lots of profound things to say. Well I think motherho0d/pregnancy has robed me of all profound thinking. I sit down – really wanting to write something witty and interesting…but all I can think about is damn I’m hungry again.

Something exciting did happen today though…something all my own! This site I frequent linked mooshoo 🙂 My first link (well other then on Evan’s site -which doesn’t count- being my husband and all) It’s a really cool site…informative yet personal. Pregnant or just have kids it’s worth a visit or 2.

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Ok, my faith in mankind has been restored – for the moment. Lennox & I went grocery shopping, which is always fun…..not! This time he fell asleep before we got to the store and normally I would have just put it off till tomorrow, but we have no food. So I got him out in hopes that he would wake up and of course he didn’t. In we went, him slung over my shoulder, me pushing the cart with one hand. Everything was going really well until this really rude jackass ran into me and shoved me into the isle knocking a bunch of junk off the shelves. There was plenty of room but he still felt the need to almost knock over a pregnant lady holding her sleeping 18 month old son. I yelled after him…EXCUSE YOU MOTHER F##KER!!! He didn’t stop or turn around just disappeared around the corner. By the time I collected myself he was no where to be found. It gets worse….there are more then a few people in the isle…no one says a thing or even helps me pick up the cans scattered everywhere. Granted hind sight says I probably shouldn’t have screamed mother f##ker at the top of my lungs…but I was caught off guard.

Almost 7 months pregnant holding a sleeping lennox I’m picking up the cans – pissed off- when this wonderful, amazing woman (who didn’t even see what happened) starting picking up the cans with me. All the time saying how I shouldn’t be doing it. Ahh there is atleast one considerate person left in the world. It gets better… while ackwardly digging through cartons of eggs on sale, trying to get down to the ones that weren’t broken, this really nice man starting moving them aside for me and even held some so I could make sure they weren’t broken…a hard thing to do with one hand. So 2 rights got rid of a wrong for me today. The world is still a good place with more good people then bad.

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BAAAHHH Regis and Kelly

Well I fell victim to the bias of being a my child’s mom…I entered him in Live with Regis & Kelly beautiful baby contest. And HE WASN”T CHOSEN. What in the heck was Gelman thinking?!? Lennox is obviously the cutest kid in the world or atleast within the top 10. Ok so I’m just kidding and really shouldn’t have entered him any way (because I’m sure they saw his picture and assumed he was a child model therefore making it against the rules for him to enter) Ok really I’m kidding. It’s funny these contests, when you’re not chosen it makes you wonder am I one of those parents. The blind kind that think their child is the cutest in the world when really they are – NOT!
Naw…we get plenty of compliments at the grocery store and everyone knows old ladies don’t lie.
lennox on rocking horse

Here’s the picture we entered:
cutie pie lennox