About the Mooshoo

I’m a 16 year old trapped in a 33 year old body. I think having my own grown up house and grocery shopping for it- is cool. I always find myself staring in awe at the 4 kids I helped make. I can’t believe they’re mine or that I had a part in making them. Everything about them is exciting and I often feel like I can’t get enough and have had enough all at once. I’m struck by the fact that not only am I blessed but I have an excellent life. If you asked me growing up what I wanted to be (even while in college)my response was-a wife and mom. So here I am a wife and mom-my dream job. I’m not always happy and my life doesn’t not always seem excellent- but life would be awfully boring if it was always good and easy.

Meet the Mooshoos

My Family
Evan, my amazing wonderful handsome husband. Lennox, our beautiful crazy extremely smart (I am his mom) extraverted 6 year old son. Aidan, our happy go lucky, rough and tumble 4 year old . Cuba & Cora, our beautiful, smiley 2 year old twins. Pepper, our sweet loveable pit-bull mix with social issues. . And lastly Little Guy, our quiet easy to care for eastern painted turtle and his 5 fishy friends.

I can be reached at