We Rocked the Percentiles

Today was a good day! Lennox had his 18 month check up and actually jumped up a few percentiles on his growth chart… so not only has he progressed – he kicked it up a few notches! And to make me even happier… the doc isn’t worried about Lennox’s lack of speech either. He’s comprehending just fine and the doc assures me anyday now the words will just start flowin like agua 🙂

We had our first day without TV… well ok, less TV. It went really well. Lennox and I played more and he seemed less bored. He even spent more time playing on his own- in his room (which he rarely does). I’m hoping that less TV will help with his speech. Maybe if he spends more time with his brain engaged instead of occupied he’ll just amaze us with rapid learning speed!

I’ve been friggin Betty Crocker these days… Over the weekend I made egg salad, potato salad, and pancakes. Then today I made bread from scratch (even though we have a bread maker). It’s crazy growing up in the time of convenience food… who would of thought it was possible to make pancakes with out pancake mix- and it was easy to! How quickly we forget where things come from… like egg salad. I love egg salad but never thought to make it – it just seemed to hard. Well guess what – It’s not! I’ve also been trying to figure out the right recipe for the bread maker. Why does hand made bread taste so much better? So that’s why I tried my hand at making it from scratch and it’s gotta be something in the kneading because the ingredients are the same but the taste is very different. Hmmpp… who knows… maybe I’ll never know.

Summer’s coming… it stayed light a whole hour later today!

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