Ok, my faith in mankind has been restored – for the moment. Lennox & I went grocery shopping, which is always fun…..not! This time he fell asleep before we got to the store and normally I would have just put it off till tomorrow, but we have no food. So I got him out in hopes that he would wake up and of course he didn’t. In we went, him slung over my shoulder, me pushing the cart with one hand. Everything was going really well until this really rude jackass ran into me and shoved me into the isle knocking a bunch of junk off the shelves. There was plenty of room but he still felt the need to almost knock over a pregnant lady holding her sleeping 18 month old son. I yelled after him…EXCUSE YOU MOTHER F##KER!!! He didn’t stop or turn around just disappeared around the corner. By the time I collected myself he was no where to be found. It gets worse….there are more then a few people in the isle…no one says a thing or even helps me pick up the cans scattered everywhere. Granted hind sight says I probably shouldn’t have screamed mother f##ker at the top of my lungs…but I was caught off guard.

Almost 7 months pregnant holding a sleeping lennox I’m picking up the cans – pissed off- when this wonderful, amazing woman (who didn’t even see what happened) starting picking up the cans with me. All the time saying how I shouldn’t be doing it. Ahh there is atleast one considerate person left in the world. It gets better… while ackwardly digging through cartons of eggs on sale, trying to get down to the ones that weren’t broken, this really nice man starting moving them aside for me and even held some so I could make sure they weren’t broken…a hard thing to do with one hand. So 2 rights got rid of a wrong for me today. The world is still a good place with more good people then bad.