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Feeling bad about things

I made it. Or I guess I should say we made it. They girls turned 6 months on Sunday! Half of the first year is over and we are actually doing pretty well. Not to say that we have it down or things are easy, it could just be much worse. I struggle daily with making sure everyone gets every thing they need. I don’t just mean the basics, food and such. I struggle with making sure everyone is stimulated, feels loved and gets individual attention. The cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the basics is easy. Trying to potty train a stubborn toddler, give the girls enough time to roll around and practice sitting up every day is hard. Teaching Lennox the ABCs and how to write his name is hard. Those things need my full attention and there’s not a lot of that to go around.

I feel pretty ashamed about Lennox, he cannot recite the ABCs. I’ve been singing them to him since the beginning. I’ve put them up on the wall, printed work sheets, and he’s been in preschool for the last 6 months but still no ABCs. I don’t push but definitely bring them up daily. It makes me sad and frustrated. I have to come up with a new way to teach them. Maybe paint letters on race cars…I don’t know. I should add he can identify the letters and can even pick out his name, Aidan’s name, and Cuba and Cora’s names. I just can’t get them to come out of him in order.

Really I’ve been feeling like a pretty craptastic parent all the way around. The most I can say for the last 6 months is that we’re all still here. Aidan teases me with the potty. Before the girls were born Aidan was potty trained, after he forgot that we had a potty. The girls are 6 months old and he’s still in diapers. I ask him “hey wana go in the potty, instead of these yucky old diapers?” He says no, he likes the diapers. He likes them so much he is willing and able to change them himself. I spend a good bit of time sitting down nursing. One day Aidan stood in front of me took off his pants then his diaper. Told me it was full and he needed a new one. Then proceeded to fish out an old pull up (I bought a while back in hopes of re-inspiring his use of the potty) and put it on and then his pants. Now if only he could change the poopie ones, then I think I may not care how long he stays in diapers.

Then we have the girls. They only sleep in their room for about 2 hours at night. I give up and bring them to bed with us. I’m already so tired all the time I can’t imagine the loss of sleep that would go into getting them into their own beds-that is if it’s even possible. I feel like a failure for that, when really right now it is what it is. The girls nurse and the easiest way to get through the night is for them to sleep with us. I get some sleep but pretty much no break from them. When you spend 24/7 with someone they tend to get on your nerves, and the girls do. I love them with out limits but good grief some times.

I feel bad because I find myself wishing this year away. Wanting it to go by fast so we can get to a time when I’m no longer nursing and they are walking or at least able to sit on their own. I’ve said to myself, if I’m unhappy then I need to make changes. The problem is the only thing I can change at the moment is my attitude. I have to accept that this is what it is right now. It’s not always going to be this way, really these days things change on a daily basis. I gave the boys myself completely for the first year of their lives and it’s the least I can do for the girls. Knowing all this isn’t helping change my attitude, I feel selfish.

Sorry for sending out bad vibes. I’ve got a lot to work out in my head and sometimes it helps to put it down for my eyes to see. Being a parent is complicated, stressful, and the hardest job in the world, but it also pays better then any other job in the world. If you don’t believe me ask any parent, they’ll tell you the same.

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I like it

So what do you think of the new digs…pretty awesome right?! I’m in love with it, I just sit and stare at the computer screen taking in all it’s beauty. I wish I could make it into a t-shirt that I could wear to the grocery store during which I could strike up conversations about how wonderful my new website is. Then maybe lots of other people could sit with me and stare at the beauty that is now mooshoo, and we could drink coffee and have long talks about how wonderful it is.

Yeah I’m pretty happy with it.

Aid babies Bub Cora courtney Cuba Ev mom mooshoo mother the kiddos twins


In an hour we pick Evan up from the airport and so ends my first 24 or so hours alone with all four kids. I wasn’t worried about the awake portion. Middle of the night had me a bit worried. We co-sleep you see, and co-sleeping with twins is a little different then just co-sleeping. Once I’m in bed for the night I’m really IN bed for the night. The girls pretty much sleep in my lap. I was afraid that Aidan would wake up (like he often does being a sleep walker) and I would have to put the girls down-which would mostly likely wake them up and so would start the screaming. Everyone awake at 2am, not so much fun. Thankfully that was not the case. I was able to put the girls down before the boys and they stayed down long enough for me to put each of the boys to bed. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother evening. The boys didn’t stir until after 7 this morning! Weeehaaa, we survived and actually had a pretty good time. Yesterday we fed ducks and played at the play ground, then got chocolate shakes on the way home. The kids all feel asleep so for 15 minutes I sat listening to music enjoying a milk shake while a cool spring breeze moved through all the open windows of the truck-it was heavenly. Today we got Ev’s birthday present and boys picked out cards. Then since it was so warm we washed the pep out back and the boys spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside. I feel pretty proud of myself.

The girls are full into solid food now. It was slow at first but they’ve decided in the last couple days that it’s pretty good after all. Especially since we started Yo-baby yogurt, good grief baby crack. Cora bounces and kicks her feet and completely looses her mind when I give Cuba her spoon full. I don’t have to worry about Cora getting messy because in between bites she freaks out and balls her bib against her face. Feeding two at a time has been pretty interesting, flaying arms and kicking feet. I started out feeding them from separate bowls with separate spoons. Big waste of time, we do one spoon and one bowl and bite to one bite to the other. To keep the grabbing at bay I put those plastic chain links in each of their hands. They can suck on them in between bites and their easy to clean. Now I just need to get more consistent with feeding times. In one week the girls will be 6 months old-6 months old!

Ok off to the airport! Today is Ev’s Birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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Check us out…


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In their own room…

Tonight the girls will sleep in their own room. The last 5 months they’ve been in with us, but they’re just getting to big. Cuba spent last night poking Cora, so I said enough. It’s time for me to bite the bullet and get them sleeping in their own bed-in their own room. It was easy with one baby, not always fun but much easier then fighting to get them to sleep in their own bed. Sleeping with two babies has been easy so far, but I can see that’s quickly changing. It’s not working any more so we’re moving on. I’m not really excited about having to actually get out of bed to feed them and a little freaked out about not having their little faces inches from mine. Shuffling around in the middle of the night is not something I’m looking forward to. That and staying awake while I feed them so I can put them back down. I’m going into it expecting the worst. No sleep and lots of crying(my own), but by this time next week I’ll have two girls sleeping in their own beds. There is no other option.
Last night did not go well. The girls spent about an hour in their room actually sleeping. We finally gave up after mid-night, but both girls were wide awake and didn’t go back to sleep till around 2am-fun! I think we figured out why and I’m hopeful for tonight.