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The ladies are being featured this week over at TwinSights! It’s pretty awesome resource for families of multiplies. The photo is from when the girls were a month old. They have changed so much since then in every aspect except the one captured in the photo. Cora’s still a screamer and Cuba still wonders what the heck’s wrong with her. As you may have guessed as Cora grows so does the strength of her scream, you can hear her a block a way. I feel pretty lucky that while God gave her lungs of steal he also gave her a pretty sunny disposition, or we’d all be deaf.

I have one who screams when she’s mad and one who screams when she’s happy. Cuba will look at you with a smile as wide as her face and let loose the smallest intense shriek her body can muster. It’s a new toy she’s discovered that brings her immense joy.

I was sick earlier in the week and unfortunately have passed it on to the boys and Ev. It’s been such a bad sick season for us. We never get sick and this winter we’ve all been sick non stop. It’s getting pretty frustrating. The boys are troopers but I feel so bad when they don’t feel good. Poor things have spent the day either asleep or in the bathroom.


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