In an hour we pick Evan up from the airport and so ends my first 24 or so hours alone with all four kids. I wasn’t worried about the awake portion. Middle of the night had me a bit worried. We co-sleep you see, and co-sleeping with twins is a little different then just co-sleeping. Once I’m in bed for the night I’m really IN bed for the night. The girls pretty much sleep in my lap. I was afraid that Aidan would wake up (like he often does being a sleep walker) and I would have to put the girls down-which would mostly likely wake them up and so would start the screaming. Everyone awake at 2am, not so much fun. Thankfully that was not the case. I was able to put the girls down before the boys and they stayed down long enough for me to put each of the boys to bed. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother evening. The boys didn’t stir until after 7 this morning! Weeehaaa, we survived and actually had a pretty good time. Yesterday we fed ducks and played at the play ground, then got chocolate shakes on the way home. The kids all feel asleep so for 15 minutes I sat listening to music enjoying a milk shake while a cool spring breeze moved through all the open windows of the truck-it was heavenly. Today we got Ev’s birthday present and boys picked out cards. Then since it was so warm we washed the pep out back and the boys spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside. I feel pretty proud of myself.

The girls are full into solid food now. It was slow at first but they’ve decided in the last couple days that it’s pretty good after all. Especially since we started Yo-baby yogurt, good grief baby crack. Cora bounces and kicks her feet and completely looses her mind when I give Cuba her spoon full. I don’t have to worry about Cora getting messy because in between bites she freaks out and balls her bib against her face. Feeding two at a time has been pretty interesting, flaying arms and kicking feet. I started out feeding them from separate bowls with separate spoons. Big waste of time, we do one spoon and one bowl and bite to one bite to the other. To keep the grabbing at bay I put those plastic chain links in each of their hands. They can suck on them in between bites and their easy to clean. Now I just need to get more consistent with feeding times. In one week the girls will be 6 months old-6 months old!

Ok off to the airport! Today is Ev’s Birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!