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Blahdy Blahh Blah

Rain + Dogs + Lennox + No Electricity = not a fun day 🙁 We went to target to waste some time… I like wandering these days. I look at carseats, bassinets, bouncy seats… clothes – well you know. It’s always a good brain exercise comimg up with ways to keep Lennox happy so I can concentrate on poking and prodding carseats. Today, first a his size basketball and then a big boy football…then two bags of peanut butter crackers. Oh yeah I’m a good mom keeping my kid busy with food! He was a very good boy though (well for the most part) I’m just so excited for Aidan to get here that looking at that stuff gives me something exciting to do that relates to him. It’s hard with the second pregnancy because with the first everything is exciting and there is so much planning and reading and getting ready it takes the whole nine months. The second one you’ve already read everything, have almost all the gear you need, and if your having another of the same sex then you even have the clothes. So what’s left? I keep changing things in our house…furniture set up, cleaning strange things – like taking down all our blinds and washing them in the tub. I’m lucky to have such a patient husband, because of course I can’t move furniture or get the blinds down myself. We’ve gotten to the point now that there isn’t much I can change, so I’ve become more into window shopping.

I’m torn between carseats…we have to get a new infant carseat because a cat we USED to have peed in the last one. Ok so I’m not really torn but the one I want is pretty expensive…but it’s got memory foam and feels so comfy. Is memory foam worth twice the cost of one without? I can’t really rationalize it – so no. The evenflo embrace seems like a nice compromise though. It’s cushiony yet affordable. Oh the things that take up your thoughts in motherhood. Like how I need a rocking bassinet, because it will fit perfectly next to our bed and we won’t have to kick bub out of his bed too early. I truly feel like I need it…like it’s some how going to make those first few months of infancy easier – you know since it rocks and all. Letting pregnant women make decisions is really not a good idea. We are normally very level headed and responsible people. During pregnancy that all goes out the window and something else takes over. I’m not really sure what or who…

Bub courtney Ev General mom pregnant


So washing the floor with Lennox as a helper seemed liked a fun and good idea… until he took ownership of the bucket and dumped it! Things turned from fun to really NOT FUN! Note to self, Lennox is to young to play responsibly with buckets of water – umm – duh!

On a totally unrelated note… I’m completely in love with kalahari zambezi red chai. It’s naturally caffeine free and antioxidant rich. I believe it is made by angels and sent from God 🙂 I drink it all day long – mmmm-with honey and milk. Actually red tea of any kind is wonderfully amazing. We have this new loose tea store in the mall that was put there by the devil. Everything in that store tastes, smells, and looks way too good! Evan and I got some custom mixes from there and we are hooked. Luckliy for the monkey on my back – I found the kalahari, it lives at the grocery store and is much less expensive. We could easily go bankrupt with too many visits to teavana.

Ps. I’m glad I’m not a bus driver! I would hit things a lot and probably never be on time – due to the fact that I would always be lost.

Bub courtney Ev General mom mother pregnant the kiddos

Me time :)

I had ME time today! I actually went some where by myself for about an hour. It was great…granted I went to check out the public library and ended up checking out toddler activity and development books. So even during my non mommy time I did mommy things. But at least I got out alone. It’s hard for me ( I’m sure there are some moms who understand what I mean) I know that I need the me time, away from Lennox and Evan, but when I do get away all I think about is them and it’s hard to stay away. Most of the time I can’t think of anything to do by myself…everything that comes to mind would be fun to do with Evan and Lennox. It’s like they are my best friends and life is more fun with them around.

So I’ve been working on 2 issues with Lennox these days. The first is more activities for he and I to do during the day. He seems bored and I’m not sure what to do with him. He’s not so into coloring or really playing with me for any length of time – but he stills wants my attention. Like I should just sit and stare at him while he plays…which is what I do at the moment. I guess it’s just a stage he’s going through. I would love to find ways to interact with him and help him learn new things….language being big on that list! And here’s the second issue…Lennox will be 18 months in a few days and says very few words. He says mama, daaadee, agua, bye bye and then da for duck and dog and ba for ball. He said cheese, and bad dog once. Mostly he grunts and babbles. He has his 18 month check up on Monday and I know his pediatrician is going to say he needs to be saying more words and freak me out with things that could be wrong. I don’t feel like anything is wrong….he understands everything and communicates just fine. I’m not sure what else to do…I mean maybe we watch to much TV (which is changing) and maybe I should with hold things till he says what they are (which I’ve tried and he just gets upset) Maybe there isn’t anything I can do because nothing is wrong. Being a mom is hard!

Bub courtney Ev General mom mother

Buyers Beware

Today was a bad day. We got another bill in the mail for Lennox’s surgery… another very large bill. So I call and hope that maybe there was a mistake and there is actually only one bill. No luck there. Then I hope maybe it hasn’t been submitted to insurance yet…. yeah no luck again. So then starts the negotiations… I tell her(employee of hospital) what we can pay and she says how bout this much- 4 times more then my offer -and I say no this is what we can pay – same amount – I get put on hold – she comes back ands says Ok how bout this much? Almost 3 times more then my offer. Again I say NO WE CAN PAY THIS MUCH… and really we CAN’T pay that much but we are going to skip eating for the next 2 years so that we can pay you this amount you won’t except. She puts me on hold again – comes back and says ok, we’ll send you a financial aid application (which I already have for the other half of the bill that we can not pay off in 2 hours) and you can apply for prolonged monthly payments. WELL GEE maybe we could have come to this conclusion the moment I told you HOW MUCH I COULD PAY and you decided it wasn’t enough instead of trying to barter like I’m on the street in mexico. I mean it’s not like we are trying to get out of paying or pay less WE JUST NEED MORE TIME TO PAY.

Maybe if you had let us in on the cost of the surgery (like you said you were going to) before it actually took place, maybe we could have planned better and maybe able to pay what we deemed worthy of your services. It’s not like I bought my 18 month old son breast impants… HE HAD TO HAVE THIS SURGERY regardless of the cost. It’s just so frustrating!!!! I mean I understand their end services rendered and all but doesn’t that also usually involve knowing the cost up front or at least having an idea of the total cost. So you can then discuss it with your insurance provider and get an idea of what will be covered. Sure it does… you said yourself someone would sit down with me and figure that all out… but guess what? That never happened. I called and tried to get the information on my own… “Sure Mrs. Eckard it’s just going to take me a few days…” I get a call back 2 WEEKS AFTER his surgery has already been preformed and told the cost. How was I supposed to know that Lennox’s surgery would cost more then giving birth to him.

In the end, it’s all my fault for not being a pain in the butt and bugging them everyday until they gave me the info I needed… it’s all my fault for not being able to afford the good insurance… it’s my fault for growing a baby who would need surgery. So now I’m in tears and thinking this was supposed to be funny but it’s not, because I’m really mad at these people and at myself.

My husband leaned over and says you spell machette, m-a-c-h-e-t-t-e. So there’s the humor in it. I’m so angry I want to take Evan’s m-a-c-h-e-t-t-e over to the hospital and demand a more reasonable payment plan. But I can’t even spell machette.

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My Perfectly Wonderful Husband

Thank you for making an extremely tasty dinner and for washing-drying-putting away the dishes and for cleaning up the kitchen! It made my night and morning. Even after almost 4 years he still gets me all tweeterpatted!!! And speaking of wonderfully sweet things…Lennox gave another little girl his size a big hug at the park yesterday. He’s never done that before…and you could hear the awes from miles away. She didn’t like it so much and ran away. So he chased her down and tried again. It was both cute and tramatic depending on which child you were. He’s been hugging and kissing us for a while now and actually gave our friend Mel a big hug just a few days ago. He hugs the dogs and all his toys and sometimes even hugs the characters on his shirts….he’s got a lot of love to give.