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Rain + Dogs + Lennox + No Electricity = not a fun day 🙁 We went to target to waste some time… I like wandering these days. I look at carseats, bassinets, bouncy seats… clothes – well you know. It’s always a good brain exercise comimg up with ways to keep Lennox happy so I can concentrate on poking and prodding carseats. Today, first a his size basketball and then a big boy football…then two bags of peanut butter crackers. Oh yeah I’m a good mom keeping my kid busy with food! He was a very good boy though (well for the most part) I’m just so excited for Aidan to get here that looking at that stuff gives me something exciting to do that relates to him. It’s hard with the second pregnancy because with the first everything is exciting and there is so much planning and reading and getting ready it takes the whole nine months. The second one you’ve already read everything, have almost all the gear you need, and if your having another of the same sex then you even have the clothes. So what’s left? I keep changing things in our house…furniture set up, cleaning strange things – like taking down all our blinds and washing them in the tub. I’m lucky to have such a patient husband, because of course I can’t move furniture or get the blinds down myself. We’ve gotten to the point now that there isn’t much I can change, so I’ve become more into window shopping.

I’m torn between carseats…we have to get a new infant carseat because a cat we USED to have peed in the last one. Ok so I’m not really torn but the one I want is pretty expensive…but it’s got memory foam and feels so comfy. Is memory foam worth twice the cost of one without? I can’t really rationalize it – so no. The evenflo embrace seems like a nice compromise though. It’s cushiony yet affordable. Oh the things that take up your thoughts in motherhood. Like how I need a rocking bassinet, because it will fit perfectly next to our bed and we won’t have to kick bub out of his bed too early. I truly feel like I need it…like it’s some how going to make those first few months of infancy easier – you know since it rocks and all. Letting pregnant women make decisions is really not a good idea. We are normally very level headed and responsible people. During pregnancy that all goes out the window and something else takes over. I’m not really sure what or who…

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