Bub Ev General the kiddos

My Perfectly Wonderful Husband

Thank you for making an extremely tasty dinner and for washing-drying-putting away the dishes and for cleaning up the kitchen! It made my night and morning. Even after almost 4 years he still gets me all tweeterpatted!!! And speaking of wonderfully sweet things…Lennox gave another little girl his size a big hug at the park yesterday. He’s never done that before…and you could hear the awes from miles away. She didn’t like it so much and ran away. So he chased her down and tried again. It was both cute and tramatic depending on which child you were. He’s been hugging and kissing us for a while now and actually gave our friend Mel a big hug just a few days ago. He hugs the dogs and all his toys and sometimes even hugs the characters on his shirts….he’s got a lot of love to give.

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