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So washing the floor with Lennox as a helper seemed liked a fun and good idea… until he took ownership of the bucket and dumped it! Things turned from fun to really NOT FUN! Note to self, Lennox is to young to play responsibly with buckets of water – umm – duh!

On a totally unrelated note… I’m completely in love with kalahari zambezi red chai. It’s naturally caffeine free and antioxidant rich. I believe it is made by angels and sent from God 🙂 I drink it all day long – mmmm-with honey and milk. Actually red tea of any kind is wonderfully amazing. We have this new loose tea store in the mall that was put there by the devil. Everything in that store tastes, smells, and looks way too good! Evan and I got some custom mixes from there and we are hooked. Luckliy for the monkey on my back – I found the kalahari, it lives at the grocery store and is much less expensive. We could easily go bankrupt with too many visits to teavana.

Ps. I’m glad I’m not a bus driver! I would hit things a lot and probably never be on time – due to the fact that I would always be lost.

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