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29 weeks

29 weeks and another prenatal check up. I only have two more two week check ups. At 34 weeks I start every week visits and NST. I also get another ultra sound in 4 weeks. The twin portion of this pregnancy is beginning…I think with all the check ups time will fly. At least that’s what I’m hoping. I’m ready to be done with the pregnant part of this adventure. I will happily trade our nice quiet some what organized days for the mad chaos as long as I can touch my toes, sleep on my belly, and no longer have some one trying to spread my ribs from the inside. Yesterday because of the where the heart beats are my Doctor is sure that at least one baby is head down. It seemed like the other was too, but after a night of lots of movement I woke to quite a bit of rib pain. The girls are doing really well. I still don’t know how much they weigh or how long they are, but I do know that they’re growing exactly the way they should be-not too big or small. They are almost exactly the same size and have good fluid levels. I am now measuring at 38 weeks. The uterus growth seems to have slowed a bit this time, which is good because if I kept going the way I was I would be measuring around 47-48cm (if that’s even possible) by the time I’m 38 weeks . I really hope this continues and they stay in until the c-section date. For as ready as I am to be done carrying them on the inside I don’t want them to come out until they are completely ready.

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