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7months and one day


7 months pregnant and measuring at almost 38 weeks. Today I bought compression stockings and a belly support band. I am blessed and very lucky to have carried the twins this far with no complications. My body tells a different story. It’s in rough shape, trying so hard to grow babies at the expense of it’s self. It sounds dramatic I know but when your legs are more varicose then not it tends to wear on your self esteem. At least my legs were something I didn’t like much to begin with, it could be worse-happen some place not so easy to hide.
We are in the final stretch and life is getting tricky. Taking it easy is not so easy. So many things to do every day it takes all my self control to not. It’s only been a short time since I’ve had to stop picking up the boys (not including emergencies of course). This means no more running out whenever we need to. No more mornings or afternoons at the playground, at least not on our own. Cabin fever has set in pretty fast. I’m hoping as the weeks pass it will get easier and we’ll get used to it. We’ll find a new routine. I feel like I’ve lost a bit of my independence for the moment. And well my hormones have been running wild. Highly emotionally doesn’t quite cover it. Ev tells me this is the way I always am towards the end which makes me feel a little better-nothing new and I’m not scaring him to the point of running away.
Life is always changing and I just have to roll with it. I’m sure this is practice for when the girls are here. I know at first we won’t be going out much so by then it won’t be so much of a shock.
Lennox starts preschool in September. His first day is one week before the c-section. I very much want to be there with him, his first of many first days of school. He seems so grown up these days.

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