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7weeks 1 day

7 weeks 1 day left. Only 5 more prenatal checks up until my c-section-only 5…crazy. I am now measuring at 40 weeks-term. I am 31 weeks. I got to hear the heart beats again, one was easy to find and the other was buried deep in my pelvis. The doc had to pull my belly tight and really push the Doppler in-fun. On the surface you could only hear a faint beating but after the poking and pulling he found a loud strong heart beat. It was the first time I didn’t get worried when a heart beat wasn’t found right away. I know she’s fine and too busy pushing her way out to be bothered with letting us hear her heart beat. It’s an interesting feeling having thumps way down in the wobbly bits and what seems to be a butt pushing out underneath one of my boobs. Soon I won’t need a bra the babies will just hold everything up. Today was also my second to last two week visit. One more calm week and then life’s going to get interesting. Ob appointments, non-stress tests and ultrasounds all once a week. I’m really going to get to know our little girls before they arrive. I guess I’ll also get pretty familiar with the maternity staff at the hospital too-not such a bad thing.
We got some good news yesterday…a spot in the morning program at Lennox’s preschool opened up and we were first on the list to move in! Now instead of middle of day preschool Lennox will go from 8:30-11am. That’s really going to make a difference in us successfully pulling this off. It’s going to be a crazy couple of months!

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