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I’m in love

With our new place…The Mooshoos got new digs. After finding out that we had two babies on the way it became very clear that our current quarters were going to be tight at best. So we packed up our two-bedroom duplex and took over a four bedroom, two-car garage glorious house. A free standing no one connected to us house. Our own driveway! An amazing back and front yard covered in soft plush grass-that we don’t even have to cut, because the landlord employs a gardener. A Gardener! Oh and carpet wonderful quiet soft un-scratch able carpet. And this fall and winter we will be snuggling up by our very own fireplace. It’s a dream that I hope I’ll never wake up from.

The boys have taken to the move with great stride. They’ve been a bit emotional but steadfast in their love of the new house and clear hatred of the old. We had to go back to the old place a few times for cleaning and it’s always a battle. Then when we get there Lennox spends the entire time asking if we’re done yet. I don’t find it a bit annoying because I’m just happy they like the new place so much, and well I’m not a fan of going back there either. What a wonderful feeling today as we drove away finally finished, everything out and the place left clean.

My next prenatal visit is in another week. I’m looking forward to it; I hope I get to see the babies again. Then a week after that we find out the sex of the babies. My dreams tell me one’s a boy and one’s girl-wana start placing bets? I’ve been very lucky so far with a very uneventful pregnancy. Lots of good symptoms that remind they are growing and healthy. I’ve been feeling flutters and I know pretty soon unmistakable movement’ll replace them. Two babies moving around is going to be crazy. I still can’t believe there are two in there-it’s just such an unexpected thing. But I guess you can never expect anything when it comes to having babies. I only hope they are healthy and stay in my belly till we make them come out.

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