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Just Amazing

I had my second prenatal appointment today. I didn’t get to hear their heart beats though-I got to see them! I had an ultrasound; ya know there really are never enough of those. Two perfect babies lying on their backs stacked one on top of the other in their safe little sacs. One head at one end one at the other. Two delicate little profiles, with fierce beating hearts. The shock is gone and for the moment all the little jitters of anxiety quiet. Past the chance of a disappearing twin and much lower risk of miscarriage.

I got all my questions answered and feel much more confidant and comfortable now. I asked about the term high risk and how it applies to me, and really for me it’s just a matter of listening to my body. I am healthy; I’ve had two uncomplicated pregnancies. The twins are in a bout the best position they could be in as far as twins go-separate everything. I feel very positive.

I also found out some interesting twin facts. Twins for the most part come from the mother’s family. Fraternal twins are the result of the release of two eggs during ovulation. The release of two or more eggs during ovulation runs in the family and will usually effect all of the women, which would make fraternal twins hereditary. Then there’s identical, they are tricky but for the most part caused more by the egg then the sperm. Nature also does something cool for multiples, they mature a bit faster then singles in the womb. In general it’s a stress reaction – they are in competition for room and food. Natures way of helping them get the most out of their time in the womb. My body is doing something really awesome right now. Making babies is an amazing experience and I feel so blessed to be able to experience it 3 times and best of all end up with 4 kids! Can’t beat two for the price of one.

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