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Teethy tooth

Cora cut her first tooth…front bottom right. She’s going to look so cute all snaggletoothed. It’s both exciting and scary, because I still have to put some very sensitive areas of my body in her mouth. We’re still working on sleep and it’s still going not well. I think their tummies just aren’t big enough to sleep as long as their brains are mature enough to. Our time will come.

The Eckards are going green. We’ve ramped up our efforts to recycle, I mean we pay for it whether we do it or not. It’s also pretty nice not over filling the trash bin and getting fun notes from the trash man about how he hates us and thinks we suck eggs. Ecological and thrifty. We are also slowly eliminating plastic products from the kitchen. They’re just not good us. Plastic =Cancer and all kinds of bad stuff. It’s insane how many plastic things we use. All the kids dishware and cups and utensils, all food storage, cutting boards, ect. It’s going to take a while to replace all these things so we started with the things that come in contact with food and heat and things that food or beverages would sit in for longer periods of time. dinner In the place of our plastic water bottles and sippy cups we now use SIGG Bottles. Swiss made aluminum water bottles. They have 0% leaching-so absolutely no migration of either the liner or the container into the beverage. They’re light weight and not bad to look at. Ecological and non-cancer causing, win/win.

Here are the girls…aren’t they precious!
The plastic toys are next on the list to go…

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