Today the girls gave me a gift…they took a nap. Not just any nap, a two hour in their own beds nap! And last night they went to bed around 7:30pm and didn’t wake up until 1:30am. I fed them and they were out until 6am. Can you believe it?! I’m not expecting any of this to ever happen again. I am only thankfull it happened at all.

The clouds in my head seem to be clearing and I feel like I can breath again. It’s changed my perspective and how I go about my day.

I’ve been trying to get the girls to eat avocados, in an effort to increase the size of their chubby baby thighs. They weren’t real big fans, until I read this. It opened up a whole new world. Today we blended up some bananas with an avocado and Cora gobbled it up. Cuba is still not a fan, so tomorrow I’m going to try another combo.