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Today I went for my first prenatal visit. Everything was going pretty normal, exciting but normal. Pap, exam, talk about when the baby will be due…then the best part –ultra sound. Watching the monitor I notice two black spots. As “hmmp what’s that” was going through my head my Doctor said “Oh Two”. “Umm two what?” He said well I usually like to ease into this but YOU ARE HAVING TWINS. Huh-what-no really-that’s funny now stop kidding. He assured me over and over through out the rest of my visit that I was indeed having twins. Even as I write this I’m unsure it actually happened. I have four pictures of our new little ones as proof. I have looked at them so many times but the disbelief hasn’t let up even a little. I am in shock. I am having twins. I already have a 3 1/2 year old and 20 month old-
OMG I’M HAVING TWINS! My first reaction was I wanted to write about this, start journaling my experience right away. Then I thought well I’m not quite 12 weeks (you know that old wives tale) maybe I should wait. I can’t. It’s going to explode out of me, plus I have so many questions. Our lives changed today. When I first found out I was pregnant it was no big deal. I’ve done it twice and feel pretty comfortable with the whole process. That was when it was one baby. Two babies, now that’s a whole new can of worms. Twin pregnancy alone is daunting and oh man what about when they join us on the outside? I’m trying to put all that away for now and just focus on taking care of myself so I make it to 36 weeks with two plump little butterballs.

As far as being pregnant goes…it’s been completely different from my first two. With the boys I was sick immediately and my sense of smell heightened to superwoman status. I could tell the soap you used from 8 miles off. This time the all day sick has just started and I think it was because we all got a yuck bug and it threw me off. My sense of smell is normal and mostly I’m just really hungry. And well pretty darn particular about what I can eat. At the moment it’s mostly honey nut cheerios.

Ok world now you know…please share with me all your infinite wisdom!
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