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Moving on

heidi klum

Knowing who these two women are-do they look bad to you? If you didn’t know who they were…just ladies walking down the street –do they look bad?

So just women walking down the street- pretend we know nothing about them; I would say it’s ok to compare their physical appearance. Who looks better? My first reaction is Gisele. While her face is natural sans makeup and fancy hair, she looks well rested. Heidi looks tired (but I mean really they’re super models even without makeup on their worst day they’re still beautiful-just to keep things in perspective)

Here’s what bothers me about this…why am I comparing them? Is it because it’s the subject of a post on a celebrity gossip site. Put out there for us to ponder, ya know because I have nothing better to do-for real why else would I be doing it. I’m lame.

After about a second of partaking in the comparison I realize how horrible it is. First these are two very different people with very different lives. There’s a bit of an age difference between them and Heidi just recently gave birth to her third child. I’m having some trouble with finding details on these women so I’ll get to my point.

I think comparing them is unfair (and really just stupid-who the heck am I to judge), posting pictures of them natural in their normal routines and blasting them for being normal is unfair. They are beautiful and I applaud them for letting us see that they are indeed human. I’m not really sure why I visit the celebrity gossip sites. Maybe like a million other people I’m a closet voyeur. I think I’ve had my fill of it all, unless of course they start writing more positive things. Things that make a difference in the world and are actually not- none of my business.

Back in the real world I went to what I hope will be Lennox’s preschools’ open house (that was a mouthful). We are going the co-op route and I found a really nice one near by. It’s on a regular school campus which should help with the transition to kindergarten. I got to poke around in the class rooms and even talk with all the teachers. They all seem very nice and actually had all their own children in the preschool at some point-which is how most of them became teachers there. I feel very comfortable with it being Lennox’s preschool. Now if only we can get in and not wait listed.

It was an overwhelming experience. My heart both full of excitement for this new stage and heavy with sadness because this is where he will start taking steps away for me. He will begin building his world outside us. He will have friends and form relationships that have nothing to do with me and I can only hope that I have done well by him so far and given him the tools he needs to be successful.

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