What a week…We started Monday bright and early with Bub’s first trip to the dentist. He was amazing. Sat patiently while they took some x-rays of my teeth. Then sat on my lap and watched very intently while I went under the brush. When his turn came he was more then happy to take his spot in his chair. He put on the protective goggles and opened wide! We left with no cavities, a diploma of good tooth care, and a bag of goodies-I love those free tooth brushes.

Then we spent Wednesday waiting for Pep to get out of surgery. She split a nail while chasing squirrels. She loves to take a flying leap at the 6 foot privacy fence then hang from top. She’s brilliant! So now she’s on pain meds with a satellite dish around her head. Nothing is funnier or more pitiful then watching your dog in a satellite collar walk around dazed bouncing off walls furniture and children-it’s great.

Ev & I spent 3 nights after the boys went to bed constructing what Bub requested for Halloween-he wants to be a “robot robot robot”. It was actually pretty fun. Reminded me of when I was in school working or projects for class. The reason for such a deadline was Ev’s Halloween party (last night). His really amazing family orientated company threw a party for the employees and their families-geared towards the kiddos with lots of candy and games. We got to show off all our hard work. The boys actually wore their costumes in and kept them on for about 20 minutes (much longer then I was expecting) I think they were quite the hit. They definitely looked adorable in them too. Now I just hope they last until Tuesday.

Oh and you’ll love this…I got hit on by what I’m sure was a teen/very early twenties guy on our way home from the party. I was jamming out to The Creep Show when something caught my attention. It was a car full of boys waving for me to roll down my window. I thought something was wrong and expected an uhh your tire is going flat or you cut us off you idiot…but got “hey can I get your number” I blinked confused then laughed. I told him “uhh I’m married and Waaaay to old for you” I rolled up the window and moved on. Now they could of (probably were) been just making fun of me…maybe a dare (probably a dare) but I’m taking it at face value and holding on to the compliment.

click on the photos above to see the rest of our week of fun!