I’ve written about this before. What started as an interest in a topic that disturbed me has become very personal. It all started with Ev building a site for Michale Graves. In his converstations with Michale he learned of the West Memphis 3. That’s what prompted us renting this. I really didn’t understand much until we watched that movie. It gave me an idea of what happened and why 3 innocent men are spending the rest of thier lives in jail. But it didn’t really show me who these men were, or who they were when all of this happened. Damien Echols (on death row) wrote an autobiography called “Almost Home: My Life Story Vol 1. It took me about a day to zip through it and you know what I’m left with…the overwhelming feeling that he is just one of us. He could have been anyone I grew up with-even me. We would have probably been friends or run in the same circles. The only difference being he was let down by every adult he knew. He is not a murderer. I still can’t believe that this happened or is happening. I haven’t felt passionate about many things in my life-none that didn’t touch me directly. This is the first something I’ve encountered that makes me want to get out there and make a difference. I just haven’t figured out how yet.