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Ok world it’s time to check out! It’s this excellent new online community. Free to join and once you do-you can start making your pick list. Now you might be asking your self what exactly is “your list” and why would you want to make one. Well its simple really…your list is items you have that you love. You browse the web find these great items add them to your list and write a review. The point of this is TO MAKE MONEY! That’s right you heard me correctly-MOOLAH. You make a really great list and write amazing reviews-other people come to MyPickList to check things out and are convinced of the wonderfulness of something on your list-they buy it and you get a percentage. Amazon is among many websites working with mypicklist to give you a percentage of what they sell based on your stellar review. Win win situation. They have another avenue to sell through and we get a place to find and share things we really use and love. And best of all a chance to make money! So go check it out MyPickList and start your list today.

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