weddingIn honor of ….The Mommybloggers Rumble O Love, here is my first impression of my first great love…my second and third being two little monkeys that are a result of this great love. These are two journal entries from 2001. I met Ev on a Friday night and we had our first date that following Wednesday-just happened to be Valentine ’s Day. Four months later-July 9th we stood in front of a judge in the rotunda of the San Francisco city hall and said “I do” Five years later I am still as taken with him as I was this first night. He is the love of my life.

Morning after we met…

I have a crush
I walked in with no intentions
But was overwhelmed
From the moment our eyes met
I felt something
I want to act on it
But will acting change the tone of our lives-dynamic of our group
I like my new place
It fits well
But the urge is so strong to see what your lips feel like in a kiss
I watched them as we talked all night
So soft as they framed each word
This is not me…
I am swept off my feet
For me it takes time
But with you
I am so comfortable already, within hours of our meeting
Like this is the way it’s supposed to be
How that we would hit if off so well…
Or was it just me
I am tempted to show you
Taken with the idea
Just a kiss
Will it make my heart flutter
My knees week
I have to know
There is a beauty that runs very deep in you
It shines bright in your eyes
Intriguing it makes me want to know you

Valentine’s Day 2001
After our first date

Our lips met
It filled me with overwhelming warmth
Quickened my heart and flushed my cheeks
Time stopped
Something woke suddenly
It struck me
Left with only, how could this be
I should be weary
Attentive to the past the past that follows me
None of that enters in
I am not afraid
I offer my heart willingly
Searching myself for some sign of uncertainty
No where to be found
Could this be the life I asked for
A place to fit and feel at home
My constant jittering gone
I am calm, sleeping through the night

Happy Valentine’s Day!