While playing at the park a couple of days ago we made a new friend-sorta. I was pushing Aid in the baby swing and Bub was running around like a mad man when up shuffled a very old asian man. He sat down on a bench and stared off into the distance through his coke bottle glasses. Normal I would have kept an eye on him-you know strange man hanging out in a playground, but he seemed harmless. I got a little nervous though when he got up and slowly made his way towards us-in a million years I would have never guessed what he was about to do. He stopped short of us and got on a swing. Yup a swing, and he didn’t just sit there-oh no he swung with all the gusto of any red blooded 10 year old. As we were leaving I looked back he was still swinging smiling with delirious joy. Then we went back to the playground yesterday and he was already there with a sweat suit and bright white tennis shoes. He was doing what I can only think is playground circuit training-climb up go down slide-swing-climb monkey bars and repeat. This time he smiled at us-we learned he doesn’t speak english-but managed to find out how old the boys were and let us know how much fun he was having. It should seem weird but I think its sweet-maybe it makes him feel young.