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Getting to know me Monday

Getting to know me Monday

This is a getting to know me story written by my best friend. She wanted to share her first memories of me, and is way too sweet. But I have to say it is a great feeling to know there is someone liker her out there who loves me like she does. I am blessed to have her friendship.

There are quite a few memories that I have stored away deep in my mind from my childhood. Some good and some not so good. I will always be aware of the not so good moments but I choose to reminisce about the better times of my life. I proudly admit that without my best friend that I would not be the person that I am today. It is because of her that I made it through tough adolescent and confusing teenage years. Even now with many miles between us she still remains my rock and I love her more than she will ever know. Knowing her she will be humble and not want to put this out there for everyone to read but I hope she does so that everyone will know what she means to me.
As we talked yesterday she reminded me of how we truly became friends. She said it was in the sixth grade. I will later go into that story. I am going to start when we were both ten years of age. I remember us meeting in the fifth grade at a slumber party. She was outgoing and I was somewhat shy. She did not hesitate to introduce herself to everyone. She had her hair cut very short during a time when in was just not done. Regardless she carried herself with such confidence which led me to admire her from day one. It is hard to believe that at ten either of us could have such grown up emotions and thoughts but it is true. God had the plan for us to meet so that we could help each other though the challenges that were yet to come.
We were not great friends during the fifth grade because we were in different classes with the exception of English. In the fifth grade it was required that we write poetry and essays. It was extremely challenging for me. I had not discovered how to let my feelings flow on paper which is typical of kids that age. That did not apply to Court. She yet again would wow me with her creativity and boldness. I cannot remember exactly what she wrote but I know that it led me to trying harder so that maybe I could try to be as talented. The last weeks of the school year we were asked to come up with what we wanted to be when we grew up. I had no clue. How could you ask a child that question when most adults never know what it is that they are destined to do or would like to become. I made up some crap that I copied off of TV which was quite lame. It was a time of yuppies and Michael J. Fox movies so I thought that I would try to sound suave and say that I would go into advertising. I had no clue what I was talking about. But not Court, she was honest with herself and actually had a dream. She wrote that she wanted to be a fashion designer and work in Paris. She kept the path of being artistic although she did not go into fashion (yet). So yet again I was in awe of her. Those were the moments that I knew that I wanted to be her friend. I wanted to surround myself with a friend that was honest, courageous, and true to herself no matter what everyone else was doing.
Then came the sixth grade…..

Now this is my memory.
My best friend became my best friend somewhere in our sixth grade year. I don’t remember the day of the week or the month…but I do remember everything about the moment. I was not a popular girl. I wasn’t completely unpopular either. I was the girl the popular girls let in and pushed out of their little circle on a weekly basis. When I was in it was great and when I was out it was really not great. They were cruel. This particular week I was out and they were tormenting me. Now L.A.W was popular, she was the kind of girl the popular girls wanted in their circle. She was (still is) beautiful-long blonde hair, blue eyes, cool clothes, cool hair. She was cool without even trying and to top that off she was nice-as beautiful inside as she is out. The chosen torture for today was pulling my hair and pushing my arm from behind when I tried to write. When I could no longer take it I turned around and told them to stop. Which of course was meet with laughter and whispers. Then L.A.W said “gesh you guys are stupid, just leave her alone” The laughter stopped and was replaced by horror. This girl they all wanted to be and thought was one of them just made them feel like they made everyone else feel. This one girl shattered their circle and stole all their power. And she did it on my behalf. She gave my self esteem back and made me feel ok to be me. It was then that we became inseparable. She became more then my friend, more then my best friend. She is an indespencable part of my life. She is also going to be writing here from time to time. L.A.W (lower Alabama woman) is witty with a very distinct voice and will definitely have you laughing your botty off…wooohooo L.A.W!

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