Lennox and I went to our first story time at the library today. It was so much fun!! You wouldn’t think 50 some odd 1 and 2 year olds in one room being read to would be fun – but it was. They were all so attentive and well behaved. Even Lennox, who I wasn’t sure would be. I was thinking with all the kids around his age he might blow a fuse. Nope he sat and listened and stood and sang songs (sorta) in between stories. It was great…strongly recommend taking kids to story time at the library. So that having gone so well and the fact that is was an amazingly beautiful day I decided to take Lennox to the park. Not just any park but the nice one we have to drive to :) It’s in a nice neighborhood at the edge of a large green field, surrounded by magnolias and evergreens. It even smells like honeysuckles! On this particular day it was full of Lennox size people all just as excited to see him as he was to see them. I haven’t made any mommy friends since we’ve moved here so Lennox & I haven’t been able to do a lot of play dates. When ever we go to the park I’m always hopefull but nothing so far. Mostly because we don’t run into a lot of mommies with kids even close to Lennox’s age… or there’s a language barrier. I’m hopping we’ll make friends at the story times… I keep my fingers crossed.

We came home to the best phone call I’ve had in a long time. The hospital that did Lennox’s surgery reviewed our aplication for financial hardship and approved us. Which means we owe nothing…that’s right nothing! I almost started to cry as I thanked the nice lady on the phone. It was like winning the lottery – this would have been a dept that would take years to pay off. In minutes that dept was gone!!!