Lately I hate the playground. I wish there was a playground only for little ones…kids under 3. Although I’m sure if there was people would bring big kids there anyway. You can tell alot about how a child is being raised by the way they treat other children especially younger ones. We’ve encountered a lot of bad bad children lately and it makes me sad. Not only for them but for Lennox. He doesn’t understand and only wants to play and be included. It breaks my heart when older kids are mean to him. He is such a loving fun kid. I’ve even tried explaining to the older kids that he isn’t trying to mess up their games he just looks up to them and wants to be a big boy like them. Doesn’t work though :( There is play group of sorts at the library we are going to start going to’s only his age group. I’m hoping that will be more fun.

I think my hormones are messing around again. I’ve been so up and down with no middle ground. One minute the world is wonderful and my life couldn’t be better. Then the next I’m so depressed I just sit and cry for no reason. Being pregnant, a mom, and a wife is hard enough… I could do with out the daily hormone rollercoasters