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There is a future…

Walking through Target, I’ve got Cora in the Bjorn, pushing Cuba in the double snap and go stroller and herding the boys along. Every few minutes someone stops us…”oh twins, oh so cute, oh are they all yours?, oh you’re busy, oh you must have your hands full, oh lots of kids, oh you’re so brave.” I try to be polite make small talk while keeping the boys from disappearing. I’m starting to sweat and loose focus. Why does Target have to be so darn warm? Then I hear a laugh coming up from behind me and I turn to see a woman coming my way with what looks to be 2 year old twin girls, a maybe 4 and maybe 6 year old boys. I almost fell over. She touched my shoulder and said it does get easier…and I don’t just mean getting through Target with a wink. I wanted to cry. This is me two years from now and I’m a live. We chatted for a few minutes about the odds of us running into each other and then went about our way. I mean really what are the odds?

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