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Happy Valentine’s Day


These are my beautiful Valentine’s day flowers. My loving hubs thoughtfully ordered them from FTD to surprise me with today. Except they didn’t come today they came at 8pm last night. The florist FTD contracted took on too much and thought it would be ok to get a jump on things by leaving peoples Valentine’s orders on their porches the night before. Ev caught our delivery guy and he said they thought it would be a nice surprise for the morning. Ummm…ok-but not really. Since it was 30 something degrees last night and when I eventually went out to my front porch my beautiful flowers would -not have been so much. That’s saying they didn’t get carried off in the night by some eager flower loving squirrels. This is the second time Ev has ordered flowers from FTD and it hasn’t been exactly what he paid for.

That’s where it gets frustrating, paying a good bit of money and your surprise being ruined or in addition to your surprise being ruined what shows up isn’t even what you ordered. Who’s responsible in this situation? FTD? The local florist? Us for trusting that they would follow through with what we requested? In the end it’s the thought that counts and I love them. Valentine’s Day is every day in our house-lucky for the florist!

You may have noticed it’s been almost a month since I last wrote. That is sad, really sad. Especially when you considered how much I’m actually on the computer. Half of the time I spend nursing the girls I also spend in front of the laptop. So last night Ev decided to help inspire me by giving mooshoo a face lift. In the next week or so look out for a brand new façade.

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