I’m torn. I was involved in a small email debate mostly revolving around Barack Obama and abortion. Wanting to make sure I’m making informed decisions and have all facts to back up any debates I may have, I went back to all the front running candidate sites and reread where they stand on everything. For me there are only two choices, and they are radically different choices. Barack Obama or John McCain.

Bits and pieces of each of their stances on different issues appeal to me. The issue of abortion and stem cell research go to John McCain for the most part. It’s hard though, I am pro-life but don’t think the government should be able to pass a law banning it. It’s not a black and white issue. It’s murder yes, but women are going find ways to do it. Ways that are not regulated. I think it’s more a personal choice. But then again if you murder someone you go to jail-so I don’t know. Obama is pro-life but realizes in order to run such a diverse country you have to consider the beliefs of many. So while his religious
beliefs say abortion is wrong, he also has the job of protecting the rights of women and their unborn children. Can you make a separation like that? Can you be pro-life and pro-choice?

Then there’s the issue of Iraq. Obama has me all the way on this one. We have long since over stayed our welcome there. I also believe he is a good choice for improving foreign relations. John McCain wants to send more troops and spend more money. I am completely against that.

Another important issue for me is the environment and energy. Obama has me on that topic as well. He has a very specific and realistic plan. John McCain doesn’t really go into detail.

Well really I lean more towards Obama then McCain. I’m just bothered by his stance on embryo stem cell research. I don’t know how he can be pro-life but also pro embryo stem cell research. I think the problem is we live in a country with diverse beliefs and it’s not possible to have a president that stratifies every one’s religious beliefs. Then I start to think what is more important to me…a president that shares some of my values and morals but does nothing good for the country nothing to move forward or fix any of our problems. Or do I want a president who strays from some of my values and morals but does amazing things for the county and helps us to move forward. Maybe it’s my responsibility as a Christian to help people understand why abortion is wrong and let them use their free will to decide. Maybe it’s my responsibility as a Christian to help people understand why marriage is a scared union between a man and a woman. Maybe it’s the president’s responsibility to work to change the world view of the United States. Maybe it’s the president’s responsibility to better the economy, and come up with a plan for a clean energy future. I can’t bring the troops home, but the president can. I guess I just feel confident in myself and my beliefs and don’t need laws to support them.

In less complicated much more fun and exciting news…the girls are rolling over. Today while laying on their tummies one right after the other they rolled over!