2 weeks old today and we’re still alive. No real schedule to speak of but we’re getting there. Well I have been pretty successful in getting the girls on the same feeding schedule…which leads to the same sleeping, pooping, and peeing schedule. I can pick both girls up together and get myself all situated to nurse, I feel pretty proud. I’m not going to have help forever so figuring it out on my own is pretty important to me.

My excellent multi-tasking skills are definitely coming in handy. It’s tricky enough to keep up with two newborns, but throw two toddlers, a husband, a dog, some fish, a turtle and not to mention a house and preschool to keep up with life gets a little nuts. I’m just taking it one moment at a time.

I feel so blessed. In addition to my beautiful family I have an amazing extended family and a wonderfully supportive community. They have all taken such good care of us. We’ve had meals brought over every night for the last two weeks…and sometimes the meals came with diapers! It’s just been an amazing amount of generosity and love.

The girls are doing really well. They should be back up to their birth weight today. At our last check up they were gaining an ounce a day, so hopefully they still are. We’ll know for sure next Monday (another check up). We finally figured out pacifiers. It didn’t occur to me until my sis-n-law mentioned that the regular pacifiers might be too big-and guess what they were. We found some preemie/newborn ones at babiesrus and they’ve taken them no problem. It’s made an big difference in the amount of crying and being able to hold them off long enough in between feedings. Ya know so I don’t become a human pacifier. They are so perfect and beautiful. Two completely different beauties. Cuba’s like a little pixie. Her eyes are big and angled up in a constant smile. Her features are delicate and angelic. There is a grace about Cora. Her features are soft and very feminine. I think that Cuba will takes after Lennox. She has his eyes and I think his soft wavy hair. Cora is a new face; I think she looks like my mother. They are different but very visibly sisters.