On our own

bub madi
My sis n law and niece left yesterday after a very fun week. We had lots of small outings to playgrounds, target, and even out to lunch. Yup that’s right out to lunch-two adults and 5 kids. We found a small Italian place and decided to give it a go and I’m so glad we did. The babies slept happily through lunch and the rest of the kiddos did excellent. It couldn’t have gone better-could not. Their visit left me feeling very positive about day to day life on my own and can’t forget the awesome casseroles waiting patiently for us to eat them in the freezer-Thanks Ap! This was the first time April and I have spent a good amount of time together alone and while it was really awesome having her here, it did make me sad that we don’t live closer. Oh and man did the boys enjoy having their cousin here. I think Lennox’s heart broke when they left. It’s all he’s talked about. The boys are lucky to have such great cousins. I hope they will grow up close.

Yesterday was my first whole day on my own. It’s been tricky but no was dirty or hungry. The girls haven’t been much for hanging out on their own , but I’ve managed to sneak in enough to time to keep up with the boys. I’ve even managed to read them a few stories…ya know since I spend so much time seated and nursing. That definitely makes for easy and consistent reading with the boys.

Today we actually headed out twice. We picked up some fresh fruit and veggies at our farmer’s market. I love the farmer’s market. We made it home in time to visit with some friends. Then once the girls we’re filled up again we headed out to target. It’s funny the girls slept through both outings but cried the entire time our friends were here.

Tomorrow we’re heading back to church. I’m not really nervous about church, I am nervous about the getting everyone ready for church. That’s going to be an undertaking. Wish me luck and send lots of good vibes we make it out the door at least close to on time.

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