One week home and things are starting to feel normal. I stopped taking the pain meds last night and today has been so far so good. Everything seems to be slowly going back to where it should be and mostly I’m just sore. I feel like I worked out really hard, probably just my back and legs compensating for my abs. I pulled my belly support belt back out with the idea that it might give my incision a little support and sure enough it does. Pretty awesome.

The girls have had two well baby check ups and are doing excellent. The first visit was the day after we came home (last Thursday) and they weighed 5lbs6ozs (Cora) and 5lbs2ozs (Cuba). Then we went back again this past Monday and they each gained 4 ounces-perfectly on track. Turns out they were measured wrong in the hospital and are both 18 ¼ inches long and their heads are the exact same size. We don’t know for sure if they are identical or fraternal…I’m leaning more towards fraternal. They definitely look like sisters but not identical ones. Its crazy how close in size in they are. We are slowly figuring out their very different personalities. Cora is our dramatic one, she prefers to sleep while being held or lying next to her sister, but never alone. Cuba is pretty easy going. She is happy to sleep alone or with company, and only cries when she’s hungry. She pretty hilarious too, she spends a bit more time a wake and makes some pretty funny faces. Both girls love their brothers and vise versa, the boys constantly want to hold them and help take care of them. Whenever Lennox holds or talks to them they smile and smile. There is a lot of love in this house.
Cora and Cuba 10 days old