Being the mommy of four has been…well there’s not really a word for it. Not in a bad way but in a this is completely new territory way. This is new territory and we have Ev’s amazing folks staying with us so we’ve been able to focus on us and the kiddos. The experience that comes with two previous babies is really paying off. I don’t have that creeping anger overwhelmed feeling when the girls cry inconsolably like I did with the boys. You know that urgent must stop the crying/what am I doing wrong feeling. I know everything’s fine and they just need to cry sometimes-like the rest of us. We’ve got the tandem nursing down and I look forward to healing so I can figure out lying down and nursing. We are co-sleeping now. I generally sleep lying back enough to be comfortable but up enough to hold the girls in a football hold on a twin size nursing pillow. I hand the girls off to Ev a couple of times a night so I can pee and so we can do a mass diaper change. Everyone gets more sleep then if I had to get Evan to go get the girls every time, and I can stay all set up with the pillows. The less I have to move about at night the better. I’ve been taking medicine for the pain but was feeling pretty ok so I stopped taking it-turns out that medicine was working pretty dang good. Two hours into no pain meds I realized how much I’m actually in. Not the most fun experience but it did remind me to take it easy. I think the hardest part about this transition has been the surgery.

C-sections are pretty common these days and far from serious surgery, but put you out of commission for a good bit of time. That’s fine and dandy if you weren’t also bringing home a baby or two. I’ve had a vaginal birth with drugs, a natural birth, and now a c-section and of them all the natural was the best way to go. While the birth part took more effort on my part, you can’t beat being able to pretty much get back to normal life almost immediately. I do feel thankful for modern medicine; with out it I would have had a really hard time delivering my breech twins. But if I had a choice I would always pick natural-no drugs-little assitance.

The boys while way thrown off their schedule are excellent big brothers. They constantly want the hold the girls and are very curious. Lennox is really into being the big brother. He wants his sisters to sleep with him and would very much like to feed them. That was an interesting conversation…only mommies make special baby milk. They don’t seem jealous at all but a large reason for that could be Ev’s folks and the extra attention they get from them. I don’t know what we would have done with out their help.

Cora and Cuba