Happy Anniversary!

6 years ago today we woke up on a Monday and headed out to get our marriage license. The previous Sunday you proposed out on a ledge in Sea Cliff. After being engaged for a week we decided it was time to tie the knot and found ourselves at city hall. I’ve never missed not having the white dress or a big ceremony. It was completely our day, no stress-and well you can’t beat a 25$ wedding. People thought we were crazy and wouldn’t last the year, but here we are 6 years and just about 4 kids later still going strong. It’s not about the planning or the length of the engagement, it’s about love, friendship and making it work when it’s not always easy. I am blessed and grateful to have found my way to Evan. I know that we would have found each other sooner or later, I’m just very glad it was sooner. I love you very much Evan and look forward to what the rest of our lives bring-it’s been quite a ride so far!

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