Two little babies growing like weeds. Today I got to hear and see heart beats. The girls are doing well and as far as I can tell growing exactly how they should be. Our ultrasound tech didn’t speak much english so I didn’t get as much information as I would have liked-but enough to know they are the same size. I should get more info at my next apt. I did manage to sneak a peek at what I think was a growth chart and it looks as though they are right in the middle, 50-60th percentile. It’s hard when you have a tech that shares little information, it makes me nervous. I figure if there had been a problem they would have had me stay longer for more pictures and they wouldn’t have let Ev and the boys come in and see the girls-right? And well my doctor said the whole reason for this ultrasound is to make sure they are growing at the same rate and she at least told me that much. I am now 27 weeks and measuring at 36. Crazy huh?!? Now I have to be careful, with my body measuring at 36 weeks I have to keep it from thinking it’s ok to go into labor. We still have (if I’m lucky) 11 more weeks to go. It certainly doesn’t seem like such a long time any more. Especially when you consider how fast 27 weeks have gone by.

This pregnancy still seems to be pretty normal…I mean yeah I’m pretty dang big but for the most part people just think I’m going to give birth any day. It’s fun when they ask “boy or girl?” and I can say “two girls”. The looks on their faces always tickle me. Or it’s fun when they first ask how far a long I am, I tell them and their eyes grow wide. Now I’ve taken to following I’m so many weeks along with I’m having twins. The astonished looks were starting to get old. Sleeping is quickly becoming a thing of the past. I’m going to be really prepared for all those midnight feedings. With one baby you can usually find one side/position that the baby doesn’t mind and that’s comfortable for you. Not so much with two, and oh man I have babies every where. I’m really curious as to where all my organs are at the moment. Oh and my ribs tingle a lot, I read this would happen. They may fall asleep for good from all the pressure. Fun. We have more pictures that I will post soon. I hope everyone has a marvelous 4th! We’re off to the beach for the night, one last hurrah as the four of us.