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Attention Mooshoo Readers!!!!

I need your help…Evan has a new project and we need your invovlement! It’s not much just add a mypicklist badge to your blog. is a social shopping network. You sign up (it’s free), make a list and review products and services that you would recommend to friends and family. Then they have cool easy to customize badges to for displaying your list and you can broadcast it any where you like…your blog-website or social networks. It gets even better if someone purchases something through your list (because of you stupendous review) you get the commission. So it’s a place to shop where you can see what worked for others and a place where you can share what’s worked for you. It’s very easy to do and there’s even a bookmark you can add to your tool bar to grab things while your surfing the web. Ok so it’s easy, it’s neat and My Family really really really needs you to add one to your sites! Please please please please please. Do me this favor and I am indebted to you!

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