My house is almost silent…just the occasional giggle, bang of a toy or squeal of delight. It’s still raining outside but the gray in my house seems to have moved on. I’d like to venture a guess as to why I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed and so helpless…but it could be so many things. Lack of sleep, solutionless problems, maybe my monthly cycle returning…who knows. I get into a funk and then find my way out. It’s just weird how it happens. Thank you to everyone who took the time to offer support and or advice! Definitely made me feel less alone and like KB said it’s only a rough now not a rough forever. That is so important to remember when things don’t seem so bright.

Bub and I baked bread together and then he helped me do the dishes so things seem a bit better with us. He sure did love kneading the dough-so much so the next time I’m out we’re picking up some play dough!

Yesterday we decided that when Aidan fell asleep we would all go to sleep-even if that meant 7pm. Granted we were all tired enough to really go to sleep then. Aid stayed up until around 9 happily (for the most part) playing, then he passed out and actually slept through the night. Not in his bed but sleep is sleep and when he’s sleeping so can I. Today has been so much better. We may have found a new home for Turkey which is soooooooo great and the boys and I went and played at the mall. Our mall has a playground, so we got some fries and then Bub ran his butt off! The best part about today is the sun is shinning!