Sike, haha remember that word (did I even spell it right?)
This morning I was just sitting down to nurse (wrestle) Aid when I realized Bub was quiet and all of you who have children know-silence is not golden! In my search of what destruction had occurred during this silence I found the bathroom door shut. Since everything seemed in place I thought ahh cool Bub only destroyed one room. Sure enough there was Bub…but not in a demolished bathroom-nope, he was wiping down the toilet with a hand towel (a good one-but chores are chores right) before I could say anything he stuck his arm out palm up at me and said very clearly “stay back I’m cleaning”. Now I have no idea where he learned that, lord knows I never clean-just sit on my butt watching soaps all day-wink wink. I can only hope (in vain) that he keeps this up. By five he’ll be doing the whole house…a mother can dream can’t she?