Bub courtney Ev General

August 31st 2003

Bub came quietly into the world at 6:46am, August 31, 2003 in the Anheiser Bush suite at Willamsburg community hospital. 14 days late and 8 hours of labor he finally decided to join us on the outside. He was so perfect and alert, already able to hold up and control his head. Fist clenched he looked like a little boxer ready for his next match.
Dear Bub,
The last two years have been amazing! I have learned so much about life, myself, and you. What an extraordinary boy you are…changing every day. You have and do always keep me and your Pop on our toes. You’re such a charmer so full of charisma, making friends where ever we go. So smart -too smart! And fast, you run like the wind. I don’t know a more coordinated or agile two year old. I feel so lucky to be your mom! We are so much a like- stubborn and strong minded. I know we butt heads from time to time because of it. Always know that you are my heart and I love you more then life. I hope that your first two years have been good ones and I look forward to watching you grow…turn from an extraordinary boy to an extraordinary man 🙂
I love you!!!!

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