So it’s been hard to keep up with mooshoo here lately…but I’m going to try harder and maybe catch things up a bit now…so hmm

We were in Virginia for 2 weeks visiting my family. It was nice, my dad, sister and close friends got to meet our newest member. We took Bub to the Virginia Living Museum-which he loved! Then we went and visited all the animals down in Colonial Williamsburg. Bub got to feed horses and sheep :) We also had a early birthday party for Bub and invited his friends Andrew, Dylan, and Caitlin. Bub slept in a regular bed the entire time we were there…it was amazing. Although he is back in his crib now he will be moving into his big boy bed soon. It’s crazy I was sure we were going to have sleep problems for weeks, messing with his schdule paired with jetlag I was geared up for rough nights. But Bub suprised us yet again by going to bed with no problem. We went right back into our regular routine with out missing beat.

Ok so the getting there part…DO NOT FLY ALONE WITH MORE THEN ONE SMALL CHILD!!! Only do it if you have no other choice and be ready for a hard road. We took a direct flight and being on the plane was the easiest part of the trip. It just involves too much stuff and too much schlepping of stuff. All kinds of unnesessary stress. Let everyone come to you while the kids are little. Some tips though if you have no other choice…
1. Call ahead and find out airport policies…call many times and talk to many different people until you get the same answers from atleast three different people-preferably management.
2. Request a bulk head seat on your flight…call airline a week or two ahead of time and tell them you are traveling alone with two small children…remind them how much you would appreciate the extra space and how a carseat makes it possible for little feet to reach and kick the seat in front of them.
3. Take your stroller and do a plane side check in…so you don’t have to let go of it until you are getting on the plane and you get it back right after you get off
4. Ask for a Gate Pass…so someone can help you through security and to the gate. If you have to go through security alone get into the handicap line and they will help you.
5. Lastly ASK EVERYONE FOR HELP! Just keep asking till someone actually does.

So we had a normal week and then left Friday for Bakersfield. We had a really nice visit and were able to stay through till tuesday-usually our trips are so short- this was really nice. Bub got to play a lot with his cousins and we had another birthday party for him…lucky kid three birthday celebrations.

So we’ve been busy :) and time seems to be flying by. I can’t believe Adi(trying out another nick name) is already 3 months old. And Bub is 2. It blows my mind. Things have definitely fallen into place and we have a groove. Bub is an amazing big brother. He never does anything ugly to Adi. He really loves his brother and is so gentle with him. He loves to kiss his head and pat his back. He will sit and talk to Adi, making him laugh and smile. And boy does Adi love him you can see it when he looks at him. Bub is talking much more now too…even doing animal sounds when asked. I feel like we are entering a new stage. It’s exciting and sad. They are just growing so fast.