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Rain rain go away DON’T COME BACK EVER!!! I think Valentine’s day is a little over rated. Evan and I do nice things for eachother every day. And we definitly don’t need a holiday to show how we feel for eachother. It’s funny though how it makes you feel obligated. Like if we don’t do something special we don’t really love eachother. Or even though Evan married me and takes care of my every need, rubs my back every night (that’s right every night ) because he didn’t get me flowers and or chocolates for Valentine’s day he no longer loves me. Dumb! In our house everyday is Valentine’s Day. Lennox and I had a really good time today. We went the park like we always do except this time I did my first of what I’m sure will be many boy things. We played in the dirt…dug holes and made dirt piles. It was so much fun and we got really dirty. He’s growing so fast. We weren’t playing next to eachother we were playing together…interacting. He’s past the only entertain me stage. Now he wants to and does entertain me. It so exciting and sad all at once. My baby is becoming a boy. We also sat down and made valentines for Evan. I sat him in his high chair at the kitchen table and cut out a heart from printer paper and handed him a couple crayons and he colored! So smart coloring at 17 months. It’s no surprise there is a lot of artist ability running threw his veins. Evan and I both went to art school. Man oh man is he attached to Evan these days…his daddy. He cries when he leaves for work and doesn’t leave his side when he comes home. Tonight he didn’t even want to go to bed – well unless Evan was going with him. He’s always been a character but it becomes more pronounced every day. I am lucky to be his mom.
silly lennox
He’s just so damn cute!

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