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Happy Valentine\’s Day

Well it’s raining again….ish. Looks like we’re going to walk around the mall. Lennox loves it he gets to ride in those car shaped strollers with a ballon. There is even a playground in our mall. Granted it’s packed when it rains…but he’s a tough kid and can stand a little knocking around! In honor of Valentine’s day I’m making a romantic dinner for Evan after Lennox goes to bed. The romantic part will be that Lennox will be in bed. We so rarely get to eat together-ALONE. This is our 4th Valentine’s day together….we had our first real date on Valentine’s day. We made dinner at his house – always a crazy place to be with 4-5 people living in a 2 bedroom place – we ended up drinking champagne and eating strawberries with all his roommates and their girlfriends. It was a great night. It’s crazy to think about all the Valentine’s days we have ahead of us. I am very lucky to have found Evan. He is an amazing man and I don’t think I could love anyone more then I love him. Everyone thought it wouldn’t last, that we rushed into getting married. I know almost 4 years doesn’t mean that we have lasted…but I have never been happier in my life and don’t see that changing any time soon. Marrying so quickly after meeting didn’t feel rushed, it felt right. I remember the moment I realized he was the one… He was giving me a ride to work and we stoped at starbucks (he was so addicted then) Evan decided he was going to run in I was going to stay with the car(I think we were double parked). He asked what I wanted and I said oh nothin, really wanting a chai latte but I didn’t have any money and felt weird about him paying for to much but didn’t tell him that… so in he went and out he came with his mocha and another cup which he handed me….it was a chai latte. So not only could this guy read me like a book but he knew what I always got from starbucks. I think we are just lucky…we are always on the same page. We know how to talk to eachother. We balance eachother out and calm eachother down. I miss him when he’s at work and look forward to him coming home every night. I am blessed with a perfect husband who has given me a great life with a beautiful son and another on the way.
lennox and evan playing video games
I love both of you very much!!

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