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Good People

While walking to school this morning Lennox lost his sharing thing…he stopped to say hello to a friend and show the Spiderman ball he proudly chose. He had it all worked out, what he was going to tell every one about this ball. Share all the great memories of catch with his brother and Daddy. We hurried along to the classroom and just before walking in realized his sharing bag was empty. So we ran back through our steps tracing them all the way back to the meeting with his friend. It was no more then a minute later because our friends had only reached the end of the path we had just taken. Sadly the ball was no where to be found. The path we took is well traveled so I can only think that someone picked it up, not such a cool thing to do. Lennox being the very sensitive kid that he is, was heart broken. He spent the first half of class crying off and on, morning the loss of his sharing item. It was very sad, and then one of Lennox’s classmate’s mom felt so bad that she went out and got him a Spiderman bubble set and brought it back just in time for him to use it for sharing. How awesome is that! Such a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do, and it totally changed his mood, a small thing to us, restored his faith in humanity-ya know. So his day went from I lost my ball to look what Mrs. Sharon got for me. I am eternally grateful…because instead of taking a sad boy home for a sad afternoon, I took a happy boy home for an excited afternoon. Oh and she lives down the street…so yeah I have awesome neighbors!!!