courtney Ev

It all started with some juicing

A few years back Ev & I bought a juicer. We used it a lot at first but eventually it found it’s way into a dark corner of a cabinet and sat lonely as years quickly passed. Recently I came across and decided to pull it out and dust it off. After looking beyond the recipe book that come with it I’m finding I enjoy juicing much more then I did before. The internet is proving to be a pretty awesome resource for juicing recipes and info. I’ve learned a lot more about food and the effect each has on our bodies. Juicing, even when I only do it once a day, makes me feel good. I mean really good, like I saw a difference in my energy level and mood good. So good that I don’t mind the clean up after ward. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a little extra something in their day. I wish I could get the kids into it…they see what goes in the juicer and refuse to even smell what comes out.

So what’s with the juicing….well there’s been a lot sadness around here lately. It feels like a big rain cloud over a pit of mud that I’m stuck in. I walk around with the thought “what does it matter any way” in my head most days. Those thoughts and feelings don’t make me the best person I can be. So I decided to get healthy in body and mind. I started with my diet, a close friend of mine who looks amazing let me in on a little secret. Well it’s not really secret more of a “duh, I knew that but was in denial”. Her looking amazing almost 33 year old wear a bikini at the beach after three kids secret…counting calories. It’s like a diet but really its not- because really –it’s a whole relationship change with food. You can still eat everything you want, as long as you don’t go over what you’ve decided is your calorie in take for the day (be realistic and healthy in that decision). I realized one thing right away…portion control. Did you know that if you ate half a cheese burger meal now and then the other half later your body would process if different then if you ate the whole thing at once(not that splitting it up makes it ok to eat junk-just a good example). When you over eat your body goes into store mode and starts packing away the fat. I’ve decided that is something I would like to avoid. I also make better choices, healthier things have less calories (for the most part) which means you can eat more. Fruit and veggies are my friends, they always have been. When I was little that was all I ate, literally. I refused red meat and chicken on the bone, which while I was growing up were my main choices. I just needed to get back in touch with them. It’s amazing the wealth of energy and patience that come from eating right and drinking plenty of water. Two things I could use a stock pile of.

You can’t get healthy by just changing your eating habits…it’s only half the equation. You have to get moving. Get your heart rate up, blood pumping and in the best situation get plenty of fresh air. I don’t have a solid work out plan yet. I haven’t been consistent, which means I haven’t found something I enjoy doing yet. I think that’s the key to keeping with it…you have to enjoy it and you have to have variety. I’ll let you know when I figure out something that works…then I‘ll let you know when I change it….haha.

I haven’t figured out the mind yet either. That one’s going to be a bit harder. I need some goals and some things to look forward. Coming up with those things, I think will start me in the right direction. Everything that’s been happening around us has me taking a hard look at myself and how I’m living my life. I realize with everything passing year I am a stay at home mom my money making skills decrease. What if, one day I need to support my family…what would I do. That freaks me out. I need a skill, a profitable one. Even if I don’t use it I need it to feel secure. So how do I get it? Well I’m working on that to. Lots of things floating around in my dusty skull, hopefully I’ll be able to share them with you along the way.