Yesterday was a really nice day! I had another doc apt…we listened to the heart beat and I got measured, tested for group b strep-you know all the exciting stuff. Aidan is doing great and the doc gave us the go ahead if I was to go into labor now they wouldn’t stop it-so that’s good! Ev came with us, it’s much easier when he’s there. We then got to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening together! It’s was so nice, we went out to dinner then came home and watched national treasure. It’s so rare these days that Ev has time to just hang out with us. He works very hard and we appreciate it, but we do miss him. Back to the doc apt…I was actually hoping for a pelvic exam this time-just to see if there is anything going on down there-but no internal exams until 38 weeks unless something crazy happens before then. I know it sounds crazy to want to be poked and prodded…but I’m just ready for this to be done and would like to know if any progress has been made. Oh well. I just keep reminding myself that no news is good news and better to only be poked at for 2 weeks then 4!