Updates Continued…

With all the house buying stuff summer flew by and we quickly found ourselves about to start school. This year Aidan started kindergarten. He was insanely excited after watching his brother go for two years. To make things even more exciting we lucked out and got the same teacher Lennox had. An amazing young gifted teacher, that I can’t say enough good things about. I only wish I could take her with us to Bakersfield…and yes I did try to talk her into it ;p

Lennox started 2nd grade, and got a awesome teacher and class!

We decided to give up our spots at the preschool this year and keep the girls home. They’d only be in school for 3 months and I figured it would be really hard for the school to fill their spots at the time we’re planning on leaving. It also gave me more time to pack and volunteer in the boys’ classrooms. We joined the YMCA last April so the girls and I go there almost every day. They enjoy going to the child watch playroom while I get to run. I wasn’t sure what it would be like with no preschool. It’s still pretty busy, so I’m happy with the choice we made. So now we’re just trucking along and packing until it’s time!

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