I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve really written! We’ve been extremely busy. Let’s see where to start…ok how about how we spent our summer. We made lots and lots of trips to the south bay then east bay in hopes of finding an affordable house. For a while now we’ve been feeling like it’s time to take the plunge and buy our first home. So we started saving and saving and saving some more. The unfortunate part about the bay area is to afford a house that was built in the this decade and is on more then a 6000 square ft lot you have to have 70 or 80 grand sitting in the bank. Not an easy task when paired with the cost of living. So even with all our saving it was going to take a really long time to save up that much. Then we got a call from our property manager that the family who owns the home is taking back over managing it. He shared with us that the family plans on selling it when the owner passes away. So that leaves us in a tight spot. While there are plenty of rentals here, there are not plenty that come with good schools, in great neighborhoods that don’t cost an arm & leg every month. Finding another rental would also leave us in the same position of one day having to move again. The boys are both in school and next year the girls will join them so we decided it’s time to lay down some roots. After spending the summer looking here it became very clear that we would have to widen our horizons and get creative. Fortunately, Ev works for an amazing company and can realistically do his job from any where. That definitely widen our horizons. We didn’t have to get very creative to figure out where we would go…Bakersfield. People aren’t going to oooo & ahhh over our city choice, but for us it’s the best choice. It’s where Ev grew up, his family is there. There’s a great church, and we already know lots of people. We are still in driving distance of all the great things we love about CA, and with our cost of living change maybe now we can enjoy them more. No sooner did we decide on Bakersfield did we also decide to go brand new. It’s official friends, we are moving this winter into a brand new house in Bakersfield. Our house is being built as I write this! We are so incredibly blessed! The house is going to be amazing, complete with a in-ground pool. It’s hard being far away while it’s being built but thankfully Ev’s dad sends us pictures on a regular basis. We’ve been in the bay area since Lennox was a baby so this is going to be a big change for us. New school, new doctors, new everything. It’s a good time for a fresh start though, the kids are young enough that I don’t think they will miss a step. They are super excited to see their cousins more and live down the street from grandma & grandpa. When I think about this move, I don’t feel nervous. I feel excited, like it’s the right next step.

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HOW EXCITING !!! So happy for you guys. Would have loved having the girls with my girl in the classroom this year, but your new adventure is too exciting and definitely in the right direction.

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