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The weather was beautiful today. Mel came down and we went on a really long walk-which was great! I’ve got weigh-in tomorrow and as all you past and present pregnant ladies know it’s nerve racking ;p So getting mucho exercise before hand always makes me feel less stressed. It’s dumb and the last thing I should be worrying about, but I take a strange pride in the amount -or lack there of-that I have gained this time.

My dearest oldest friend got to go home from the hospital today…long story short she has preeclampsia and it looked as though she would have to spend the rest of her pregnancy in the hospital on bed rest 🙁 Luckily a few days in the hospital brought everything back to normal and they let her go home. Good thing to the hospital she was in sucked!! I mean it’s one thing to be somewhere that sucks for 48 hours but quite another for 4 weeks. So now she has to go in everyday for tests-which I hope don’t stress her out.

I was checking out dooce the other day and her post was nothing more then a few lines from this guy’s blog. Anyhow the guy’s blog was funny and I’m glad she linked it…but you imagine the amount of traffic that guy got that day?!? Having dooce link you is a pretty big deal, because the site is so popular…if she deems something interesting it’s worth checking out-silly but true. Crazy to think one person can have such an affect on so many. Crazy in a cool I want to be that way one day way…

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